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Yoga Pants Vs. Leggings: What’s The Difference? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

  • Nicole Landeira
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Yoga pants and leggings might look similar, and many people often think they’re the same, but this isn’t true. From the style, design, purpose, and materials used to make them, yoga pants and leggings have fundamental differences. Knowing they will ensure that you get the most out of your piece of apparel. This article details how yoga pants and leggings differ and which is best for what kind of activities.

What Are Yoga Pants?

They are pants made for physical activities such as practicing yoga, running, going to the gym, and working out. As such, they have particular functions and features that make them suitable for working out. Their construction is particularly flexible so that you can move freely from pose to pose without any restriction or uncomfortable pressure.

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What Are Leggings?

Generally, leggings are an item of clothing suitable for combining and layering with other items. Initially, leggings made their way into our wardrobes to provide warmth during the chilly winter season. Now leggings serve various purposes. People might wear them for casual occasions, and some can even fit into the activewear category.

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Yoga Pants Vs. Leggings: What Are The Differences?

Who Should Wear Them?

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you should go for yoga pants as they encourage free movement and bending. Compared to other workout outfits, they also make it much easier to flow into different asana positions.

On the other hand, leggings are great for casual wear and are also popular among yogis who want to wear them outside and inside the studio.

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Generally, yoga pants feature opaque or thick fabrics with some stretch. They’re perfect if you want to wear them on their own, and they also come with a drawstring or elastic waist.

The construction of leggings, on the other hand, might include thin and stretchy fabrics, or even fleece and leather. Thin leggings are generally too sheer to be worn on their own, so most people will need a longer top. They come in different lengths, covering the knees, ankles, or even the heels of the feet.

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One of the key differences between the two styles is what people use them for. Yoga pants have a design perfect for yoga, whereas not all leggings will make your workout comfortable. Additionally, many people wear leggings for casual occasions (combined or on their own), but you can’t do the same with all yoga pants.

Leggings can be fit, tight fit, snug, or loose fit, but typically, yoga pants are tight fit or snug. If you use leggings while doing yoga, you can end up damaging them. However, yoga pants retain their shape and will encourage you to move from one pose to another.

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Colour And Shape

Yoga pants were traditionally all black, while being fitted at thighs and flared near the ankles. Over the years, they have become available in a variety of colors, cuts, and prints. These days, yoga pants are a popular choice for an everyday workout, and some can even be worn in a casual setting if you are going for an athleisure aesthetic.

On the other hand, leggings are also available in various lengths, prints, and colors. However, they are typically available in solid colors, as most people use them to layer and combine. They are also available in fun prints that can make a statement about your personality.

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How Should I Choose Yoga pants And Leggings?

For yoga pants, you must choose a pair that is the perfect size. If they are too tight, they’ll restrict your movements, while if they are too loose, they will get in the way of your practice.

With the appropriately sized yoga pants, you’ll be able to move around freely. The same requirements apply to leggings as well. As for style and design, it’s up to your preferences.

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As shown above, there are differences between yoga pants and leggings, and you should use them according to their purpose.

Nicole Landeira

Hi, I’m Nicole, a passionate yoga teacher and lifelong learner. There’s so much more to know about yoga than one could possibly learn in one single lifetime. To me, yoga isn’t about finding the perfect posture. It’s about becoming one with my body, finding peace in who I am and creating space where I once was stuck, either in my body or my mind. Being a psychotherapist, I love that yoga allows us to evolve our personality while at the same time giving us the opportunity to become aware of our body, thoughts, feelings and needs, as well as our behavior towards and communication with those around us. While it’s not all that important what the poses look like while you’re practicing them, it is in fact very important to follow certain steps in order to really benefit from the individual poses and avoid getting injured. That’s why we’ve created this page and hope that you’ll find it helpful for your yoga practice.

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