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Best Foam Yoga Blocks

Foam Yoga Blocks

For yogis, a foam yoga block is one of the most essential tools. Whether you’re trying out a new pose or want to do some deeper stretches, a foam yoga block can be incredibly beneficial. Yoga blocks can also help you to lengthen and extend your alignment. It’s a must-have item if you want to make the most out of your exercise routine. This article presents to you the best foam yoga blocks on the market.

Everyday Yoga 4 Inch Foam Yoga Block

foam yoga blocksThis foam yoga block from Everyday Yoga provides terrific support. Because of its premium quality foam, this yoga block is durable and easy to carry as well. It’s available in various stunning colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your preferences.

This is a versatile product and can provide excellent stability and support for all forms of yoga.

Foam Yoga Block 4 Inch

foam blockThe Foam Yoga Block 4 Inch is a fantastic choice for proper alignment and support. At just 4.6 oz, this foam yoga block is super lightweight, making it easy for you to carry and store. It mainly consists of 100% high-quality foam material, so you’ll undoubtedly be using it for a long time.

Thanks to the non-slip surface feature, the yoga block offers excellent stability, and it’s a fantastic product to deepen your poses and stretches.

Hugger Mugger Recycled 4 Inch Foam Yoga Block

yoga blockFeaturing excellent quality and eco-friendly EVA foam with recycled polyethylene film, this foam yoga block not only offers support but is also safe for the environment. Weighing in at just 0.75lbs, it’s a super lightweight foam yoga block, and you’ll have no trouble carrying it around.

This product is also quite sturdy and provides tremendous support, and you don’t have to worry about it getting torn or worn out. The rounded edges enhance comfort even further.

Halfmoon 4 Inch Yoga Block

foam block yogaHalfmoon is a brand that’s synonymous with quality. This 4-inch Yoga Block is another fantastic product proving their excellence. Not only will it support ideal alignment, but it also has numerous features that make it an excellent yoga companion.

It’s durable and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about it getting torn after a few sessions. Unlike other similar products, the surface is firm and easy to grip. You can even use it as a seat for meditation.

Gaiam Tri-Color Foam Yoga Block

yoga block foamWith a unique tri-color design, this item isn’t your typical boring yoga block. If you want to try more intense poses, this foam yoga block offers excellent support. You can also use it to add length and height when you’re trying standing poses.

Thanks to its non-slip surface, this block provides firm stability. It’s very lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it around. This product is also low-maintenance; all you have to do is clean it with a mild detergent and let it air dry.

Aurorae Foam Yoga Block

foam yoga blocksStrong and durable, these foam yoga blocks from Aurorae is a must-have for every yogi. It offers exceptional extension and support to poses and provides the height needed to execute them effectively and safely.

To ensure support, it also comes with beveled edges. This foam yoga block is not just free from phthalates but is also eco-friendly, and SGS approved. It’s suitable for all forms of yoga.

Halfmoon Chip Foam

foam block with coverFor yoga enthusiasts, this Halfmoon chip foam block will make yoga sessions safe and effective. It’s very sturdy and offers excellent support, but at the same time, it’s very lightweight, making it easy to carry and store. It’s made using repurposed offcuts and scraps of foam and ensures that you have the proper alignment when doing your yoga poses.

What makes this foam yoga block stand out from the rest is that it comes with its own Velcro cover to protect it from UV rays, sweat, and dust.

Everyday Yoga 4-inch Marbled Foam Yoga Block

yoga blockMade with 100% EVA foam and a unique marbled design, this foam yoga block is another excellent option. Despite its sturdy construction, it’s very lightweight and offers fantastic support and stability.

The smooth edges of the block add to the comfort of the yoga prop. If you need to clean it, it’s quite effortless. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth. For yogis that want to try more advanced poses, this product can be advantageous.


Yoga is one of the best exercises that promote all-round wellbeing. With the aid of these foam yoga blocks, you can try more advanced poses safely and effectively.

Nicole Landeira

Hi, I’m Nicole, a passionate yoga teacher and lifelong learner. There’s so much more to know about yoga than one could possibly learn in one single lifetime. To me, yoga isn’t about finding the perfect posture. It’s about becoming one with my body, finding peace in who I am and creating space where I once was stuck, either in my body or my mind. Being a psychotherapist, I love that yoga allows us to evolve our personality while at the same time giving us the opportunity to become aware of our body, thoughts, feelings and needs, as well as our behavior towards and communication with those around us. While it’s not all that important what the poses look like while you’re practicing them, it is in fact very important to follow certain steps in order to really benefit from the individual poses and avoid getting injured. That’s why we’ve created this page and hope that you’ll find it helpful for your yoga practice.

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