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Here’s all the Benefits of a Cork Yoga Mat

  • Nicole Landeira
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Cork Yoga Mat

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, you simply can’t do without a yoga mat. However, traditional yoga mats are often made with harmful chemicals such as latex, rubber, polyurethane, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). If you want a much safer option, you should consider a cork yoga mat. They consist of anti-bacterial properties and are free from bad odor and harmful chemicals. Here are the top benefits of a cork yoga mat.

Non-Toxic And Skin Friendly

One of the main reasons people love cork yoga mats is that they are free from harmful chemicals. Unlike traditional yoga mats, cork yoga mats don’t contain any PVC and are free from harsh chemicals, making them gentle for your skin. Not just that, the surface is also incredibly smooth, making it a pleasure to practice yoga on them.

The Aurorae Cork Pro Yoga Mat is eco-friendly and non-toxic.
cork yoga mat


Another major benefit of cork is that it is naturally anti-bacterial. Even if you’re sweating profusely after an intense yoga session, it’ll not smell bad and is very easy to maintain as well. If you need to clean it, you don’t need to use any harsh chemicals, as DIY natural cleaners will work just fine.

The Shakti Warrior Chakra Pro Cork Yoga Mat features an anti-microbial surface
cork mat


If you have purchased a yoga mat, you’d obviously want to use it for a long time. Cork yoga mats feature materials made from tree bark, which makes them naturally long-lasting. You’ll certainly be using your cork mat for a long time. After a few years, you can refresh it by sanding. These mats are durable and require little to no maintenance.

The Shakti Warrior Aum Pro Cork Yoga Mat is made with premium materials and will certainly last for years.
best cork yoga mat

Doesn’t Bunch Up

At times, traditional yoga mats don’t stick to the floor and can bunch up, which might interrupt your yoga sessions. However, with cork yoga mats, you don’t have to worry about that. They feature a rubber base, which makes sure that they will stick to the floor at all times, offering a perfect base for your yoga poses. Even if you move around a lot, switching from pose to pose, the mat will remain on the floor.

The Everyday Yoga Cork Yoga Mat is an excellent choice, also for practicing hot yoga poses.

Excellent Non-Slip Grip

If you’ve been doing yoga for a while, you’ll know how annoying it can be to slip during a yoga session. A good yoga mat is supposed to prevent that from happening. Cork yoga mats ensure an ideal grip so that you can focus on your practice.

These mats are particularly good for hot yoga as the cork contains a natural wax called suberin that ensures superior grip, effectively absorbing moisture and sweat to prevent slipping. If you tend to sweat a lot, spray some water on the yoga mat before you start your session.

The Shakti Warrior Akasa Pro Cork Yoga Mat ensures perfect grip so that you can move into your poses without any interruptions.


Traditional yoga mats often tend to be heavy, which can become quite problematic for most yogis. However, there are some cork yoga mats, you don’t have to worry about that. They are not just durable but lightweight as well. Whether you want to practice yoga at home, at the studio, or outdoors, you can easily carry this cork yoga mat anywhere.

The Shakti Warrior Shivshakti Pro Cork Yoga Mat is durable and lightweight. It is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to miss out on their daily yoga practice.


For the environmentally conscious, a cork yoga mat is a blessing in disguise. Cork is a natural material and is 100% renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. In line with yoga philosophy, a cork yoga mat is a perfect addition to a mindful lifestyle. Not only will you be able to enjoy yoga, but cork yoga mats are also good for the environment.

The Shakti Warrior Satya Pro Mat includes 100% eco-friendly materials

Naturally Stunning

Cork yoga mats aresafe for the environment, durable, offer excellent grip, and best of all, they are absolutely stunning. The minimalistic and rustic design will blend in with any interior and make your yoga sessions even more enjoyable. Some mats even have intricate designs that’ll liven up your mood.

The Shakti Warrior Samskara Pro Cork Yoga Mat features 100% eco-friendly materials and features a beautiful design


Yoga mats are not just accessories as they can truly enhance and make your yoga sessions more enjoyable. Next time you want to purchase a yoga mat, consider a cork yoga mat. They are simply superior to traditional yoga mats.

Nicole Landeira

Hi, I’m Nicole, a passionate yoga teacher and lifelong learner. There’s so much more to know about yoga than one could possibly learn in one single lifetime. To me, yoga isn’t about finding the perfect posture. It’s about becoming one with my body, finding peace in who I am and creating space where I once was stuck, either in my body or my mind. Being a psychotherapist, I love that yoga allows us to evolve our personality while at the same time giving us the opportunity to become aware of our body, thoughts, feelings and needs, as well as our behavior towards and communication with those around us. While it’s not all that important what the poses look like while you’re practicing them, it is in fact very important to follow certain steps in order to really benefit from the individual poses and avoid getting injured. That’s why we’ve created this page and hope that you’ll find it helpful for your yoga practice.

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